UK Bank

Embedding content best practice across siloed teams for a leading UK bank.


Consumer Duty requires that all communications should support customer understanding to help customers to achieve their financial objectives and avoid harm.

Our client, a leading UK Banking group, had a disjointed process for executing operational and regulatory communications. These accounted for over 80% of all messages being delivered to customers and little consideration had been given to customer understanding.

Our challenge was to equip any colleague involved in the communications life-cycle with the skills and tools to execute on-brand and compliant communications that fully maximised customer understanding.

What we did

We developed a comprehensive toolkit of Customer Communication Principles for all of the Group’s customer communications. We then rolled this out across the Group to more than 300 colleagues by coaching trainers, champions and copywriters. This was supported by team immersion sessions, training collateral and away day resources. Post rollout support has included surgeries with our behavioural science and financial copy writing specialists.

We have also carried out specific projects where the risk of harm is highest. For example, re-engineering the persistent debt jounery for credit card customers using behavioural nudges. This particular project won an Excellence in Customer Experience award at the Financial Innovation Awards.

The Results

Savings customers saw a 60% increase in positive action. Helpdesk calls following a fee change reduced by 91%. Net promoter score improved by 70% during service migration.