Understanding gamer experiences and motivations for EA

The Challenge

Electronic Arts (EA) was faced with a growing list of competitors for one of its free-to-play global franchise games, due to a saturated market threatening to steal market share. EA needed a comprehensive study to understand game content, with the purpose of retaining current players and delivering an engaging gamer experience.

What we did

Our multi-country survey needed to resonate with a young and tech-savvy gamer audience, while providing us with both robust and in-depth feedback on game content.  Using TalkBot, our AI chatbot survey methodology, we designed a conversational survey capturing over 20,000 rich verbatim responses to get to the heart of player experience and motivations.

The Results

Described as “fantastic” by our client team, the research clearly identified benefits, barriers, and areas to improve content to drive growth in a challenging market, keep players engaged and continue delivering compelling experiences.