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DTAG: Rising to the challenge

Things move fast in our world and 2023 has been no exception. Clients continue to wrestle with brand relevance in a rapidly fragmenting digital media landscape; consumers are having to wrestle with the cost of living crisis and fast-rising interest rates, eroding their buying power; regulation is trying to keep pace with the changing context, as companies are asked to become more transparent, consumer responsive and responsible, as well as responding to the macro issue of climate change. DTAG has found itself well positioned as a business services enterprise to help clients navigate this complex landscape, founded on strong CX journey expertise, strong core competence around digitally-led brand positioning, and outstanding technical digital transformation capability in communications delivery. It has been an exciting year of helping clients meet their regulatory communications responsibilities, automate their core communications processes, optimise their management of the CX journey, and enhance brand relevance against the background noise. Well done team DTAG.